Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Model 2015 Infiniti QX70 Release Date, Review and Price

New 2015 Infiniti QX70 review and model. Get more information about 2015 Infiniti QX70 with price, specs and release date for US, UK, Canada and Australia. They have also announced that one of its biggest shortcomings in the previous model (back-seat and package space) is fixed. However we will wait till we can test-drive it and see how the added space feels. We were assured that these things were fixed and that we will be getting one more usable vehicle.

It was no secret the previous 2015 Infiniti QX70 wanted to compete with Porsche Cayenne, and if you look closer to the new model you can see it was heavily inspired by it too. The sporty looking SUV will achieve in its goal and be noticed on the road, with its impressive smooth hood that says “I’m built for speed”, and the muscular body that says strength. Up front you have, the rectangular-shaped grille, functional air vents, wide B-shaped LED headlights, and daytime running LED lights. The rear has seen also some subtle changes when it comes to tail-lights as well as the bumper.

Some of the minor annoyances in the previous model were the huge number of buttons, it’s still not clear if they have fixed this issue, but according to some pictures of the new model it seems they haven’t. The 2015 Infiniti QX70 comes with lots of options that could bring up the price considerably, the features will also depend on which trim level you will pick. Some of the features will include an around view monitor, 11-speaker audio system, wireless stream audio, and climate controlled seats are just some of the options.

Infiniti will offer you two types of engines for its 2015 Infiniti QX70. The regular version will have 3.7 liter V6 engine and produces 325 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque, while the S version will offer a 5.0 liter V8 engine and have 390hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Both versions come as all-wheel drive and have 7-speed automatic transmission with both manual-shift mode and adaptive shift control. It’s still not known if a Hybrid version will be offered, but in case they decide to add one it will most probably come combined with the V6 engine.

2015 Infiniti QX70 Release Date, Review and Price

2015 Infiniti QX70 Front View Model
2015 Infiniti QX70 Front View Model

Buyers who would love to own a Porsche Cayenne but don’t have the deep pockets for it, should look forward to 2015 Infiniti QX70 as it offers just as much as its competitor but comes with a much lower price tag. Starting price should be about $46,000 for the regular version and $63,000 for the S version with the V8 engine, this is similar to what we were paying for previous models.

When it comes to release date we are still waiting for official information’s but at this point we are not able to say exact date of the launch. Expectations and rumors that we could previously hear suggest that it will be available in showrooms from the beginning of the next year.

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